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The Preschool opened 40 years ago, in January 1976, and operates under the Nurture and Ministry of Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church. It is licensed by Montgomery County as Private Educational Institution and is approved by the State of Maryland. The Preschool and Kindergarten meet all Maryland State Department of Education requirements regarding staff qualifications, facility, policies and curriculum.

General Information:

  1. GPP&K exceeds the MMSR (Maryland Model for School Readiness) guidelines for all of our 3 year old, 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes.
  2. All of our Four year old pre-kindergarten classes are academically 'Kindergarten Preparatory' classes. They are designed to prepare children for Kindergarten.
  3. Chapel Time is held in the church sanctuary every Monday with our own music teacher. The afternoon older 3's Plus and all 4 year old pre-kindergarten classes, Pre-K Plus & Kindergarten participate by singing songs, learning prayers, and listening to Bible Stories. The morning Three year old classes have music with our music teacher bi-weekly to learn new songs. Activities with music are a part of the daily experience in all of our classes.
  4. Conferences with each child's parents are scheduled in the Spring.  Preschool classes and the Kindergarten will be in session for conference days.
  5. Newsletters with curriculum objectives are sent home monthly. Calendar information is also included in the monthly newsletters and on the front page of this website.
  6. Once a month the children make or bake their own snack. Kindergartners make their own healthy snack once each week. If a child has food allergies, the snack must be provided by the parent.
  7. Development of self control is encouraged by teaching and practicing respect for others, introducing activities that promote cooperation and by adapting the program for individual needs.
  8. The Kindergarten utilizes the language arts program by SRA-Open Court and the math curriculum by SRA-Math Explorations and Applications.
  9. The building is secure with all outside doors locked. Parents wishing to enter the building when the doors are locked will push the call button to be let in.
  10. GPP&K provides free vision and hearing screening for all preschool and kindergarten students.
  11. GPP&K is a 'NUT FREE' school. Due to allergies, we do not allow peanut butter or nuts of any kind in the school.





610 South Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20877