Class Time:

12:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Monday through Friday, 
September through May


$312 per month + non-refundable registration fee
(Optional Lunch Enrichment from 11:30-12:15 T/Th & W/F = $40 per month for 2 days per week.)


For children who turn four by March 31, 2018
Composed of no more than 20 children with a teacher and  assistant teacher.


Prepare the child for kindergarten with an emphasis on alphabet recognition, phonetics, pre-reading skills and handwriting. Opportunities for social, emotional, physical and cognitive development with additional multi-sensory activities.


Chapel Time - children gather in the sanctuary once weekly for a Bible story/message and to sing songs with our music teacher. Children will hear at least three Bible stories per month, including 'Bridges to Worship' storytelling.


Learning Centers - Science, Exploration Table, Art, Math Manipulatives, Book Corner, Listening Center, Writing Center, Block Building, Sand/Water table, Housekeeping, Computer, Puzzles and Fine-Motor Manipulatives.

Language Arts - Activities include rhyming, sequencing, dictated stories, creating alphabet books, author units, bi-weekly journal writing, fairy tales, books, 'big books', extended art activities and dramatic play, and borrowing library for children to 'check out' books.

Math - Emphasis on counting, numeral recognition, writing numerals, one-to-one correspondence, number sets, shapes, classification, patterns, sequencing, graphing, number lines and activities involving the calendar (day, month, year and seasons). Frequent classroom cooking experiences focusing on measuring, following directions and sequencing.

Science - Encourage exploration, experimentation and questioning with special units about the ocean, animals, the four senses, magnets, weather, dental health, pets, birds, dinosaurs and reptiles. 'Science Experiment Tuesdays' are a fun way for children to learn!

Social Studies - Units include manners, friendships, families, pilgrims and American Indians, post office, community helpers, transportation and seasonal classroom parties.

Music - daily in the classroom, weekly at 'Music & Chapel Time'

Physical Education every day - outdoor play, games and large motor activities.

Art - painting and art projects relate to weekly theme or letter of the week, 'Alphabet Painting' is a weekly project which involves painting with an object that starts with the letter of the week, i.e., 'W' - wisk painting, 'G' - golf ball painting, 'E' - elbow painting, etc.

We welcome the opportunity to host visits to our school during the school year, for any prospective parent.

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